What kind of art projects are being thought at Art Camp?

This article explains why it is vital to ask yourself these questions with regard to diversity and timing of the art projects before you enroll your child into art summer camp:

How diversified are the art projects? Are all art projects for this art camp taught on all days, or are some projects only taught on some days? Does your schedule align with the schedule of the art center? If not, can your child override the choice of art project for that day?

These are all very important questions, and the answers should be clear before you sign up your child. After all, besides nurturing their creativity, you want your off-spring to have fun right? Or at least, be busy enough with something they like enough to come back, so you can enjoy some of that vacation as well.

At Paint Until You Faint, every day a kid can choose freely from 2 art projects for that day.  That means they can choose any of the 100’s of paintings we have on the wall (large or small canvases). On top of that, we have shelves, and shelves full of ceramics, about 30 some animal masks that they can create and paint. But that does not mean your child is left on its own if it does not want to be: Usually the instructor tries to find some consensus in the group on the first project being a large canvas that is particularly popular. If there is sufficient participation, then we actually teach that class – which means the kiddos that participate can follow along step by step to guarantee the best possible result.

This article is part of a series of blog-posts we have generated to answer the most important questions regarding summer camps, and in particular art summer camps.   In the main article we give insight into the background and rationale on why we wrote this series.  The summer camp category page links all the questions together, and enables you to quickly choose the individual questions that interest you most.

We hope you find this set of articles helpful. But we like to know your thoughts. Perhaps you have other questions you like answered? Leave us a comment to let us know what is important to you.

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