Is there a late pickup fee? What other fees are there?

Some camps want to make everything into a profit center, and it’s wise to ask the following questions before you commit:  Is there an early drop off Fee? Or a Late Pickup fee? Is there a T-shirt that needs to be paid? Or – our favorite – is there a registration fee, separate from the camp fee?  Chances are, that if you add all these fees up, the camp can really cost a lot more than what was advertised.  Beware for  being nickeled and dimed, or worse: the bait-and-switch.

At Paint Until You Faint – we are upfront about our cost. It’s $45 per day and this price  includes 2 art projects for that day.  The children bring their own sack lunch, and there are no early drop off fees and no late pickup fees.  The price of $45 includes everything needed: paint, glue, bling jewels, and the use of aprons and brushes. Art projects can be large or small canvases, and the price includes us putting the outlines on the canvas. With regard to ceramics, the child can choose one ceramic up to $15 per art project (so a total of 2 ceramics if the child wants to use both art projects on ceramics).  There are some bigger ceramics and some parents choose to give the child some extra money to upgrade their ceramic to a larger project (usually a few dollars extra).

This article is part of a series of blog-posts we have generated to answer the most important questions regarding summer camps, and in particular art summer camps.   In the main article we give insight into the background and rationale on why we wrote this series.  The summer camp category page links all the questions together, and enables you to quickly choose the individual questions that interest you most.

We hope you find this set of articles helpful. But we like to know your thoughts. Perhaps you have other questions you like answered? Leave us a comment to let us know what is important to you.

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