Is lunch included in the Summer Break Art Camp?

If your kid is allergic, you already know this is a major concern for you.  But even if not, what are they providing for lunch if it is included? No company is to lose money on the lunch-option, so unless it is specifically stated, it is likely not the health, organic option. So what is your kid really eating? Fast food companies are aggressively marketing this segment, so if lunch is included, you are most likely taking your kid to Mc Donald a every day.

That is why at Paint Until You Faint we believe in bring your own sack lunch.  After all, Mom’s know best, right?

This article is part of a series of blog-posts we have generated to answer the most important questions regarding summer camps, and in particular art summer camps.   In the main article we give insight into the background and rationale on why we wrote this series.  The summer camp category page links all the questions together, and enables you to quickly choose the individual questions that interest you most.

We hope you find this set of articles helpful. But we like to know your thoughts. Perhaps you have other questions you like answered? Leave us a comment to let us know what is important to you.

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