How likely could the Summer Camp be cancelled?

What is the chance of the summer camp being cancelled? What would you do? How would you tell your kids?

At Paint Until You Faint, we have a large staff. And our camps are popular.  We run a camp every week of the summer, and we have NEVER had to cancel. And we plan ahead so we never will.

This should almost be the first question to ask yourself. If it is just one teacher, what happens if she gets sick? What happens if there are not enough sign-ups? These are all scenarios when you will be notified last minute that your child no longer has a summer camp to attend, and where would you bring your child on such short notice? All the other good camps will likely be full.

This article is part of a series of blog-posts we have generated to answer the most important questions regarding summer camps, and in particular art summer camps.   In the main article we give insight into the background and rationale on why we wrote this series.  The summer camp category page links all the questions together, and enables you to quickly choose the individual questions that interest you most.

We hope you find this set of articles helpful. But we like to know your thoughts. Perhaps you have other questions you like answered? Leave us a comment to let us know what is important to you.

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